Benefit Three: The Expert Team

One of the main benefits of our platform is that we have assembled a team of expert service providers in every area. Unlike bundled programs in which one provider dabbles in a little of everything, our platform brings an expert team concept to the management of your pension plan.

The Expert Team Members include:


AHC Advisors, Inc. is the lead advisor, serving as the ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary Advisor to your plan.  AHC Advisors, Inc. will guide you through a proprietary Prudent Fiduciary Process based on industry best practices. This process includes periodic review meetings with the plan’s trustees and one-on-one advice for participants.

BAM Retirement Solutions serves as your pension plan’s designated 3(38) investment manager, taking on the responsibility and liability for selecting and monitoring the funds in your plan. BAM, is one of the nation’s largest providers of fiduciary-minded solutions in partnerships with independent Registered Investment Advisors all across the country.

Recordkeeper / Administrator

We will work with you to select an independent provider of recordkeeping and administrative services for defined contribution plans. Through the use of leading-edge technology, the recordkeeper will offer an innovative and comprehensive retirement solution for plan sponsors and plan participants.


Working with you we will help you ensure that your plan’s assets will be held in trust accounts at one of the largest and most respected custodians in the business. While the advisors to your plan are authorized to manage the plan’s assets, the assets are always held in the plan’s name at the custodian. The custodian works for you and your participants, providing you important peace-of-mind about the safety and security of your plan’s assets.

Fund Companies

The majority of the funds used in the program come from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA’s institutional, asset-class funds make ideal investment vehicles to construct precisely allocated portfolios at very low cost. DFA is one of the 15 largest mutual-fund companies in the United States, managing more than $207 billion for individual and institutional investors.

Additionally, some funds from industry leader Vanguard are also included in the portfolio strategies. Importantly, none of the service providers in the program receive any compensation from DFA or Vanguard for using their funds.

Benefit Four