Benefit Five: No Revenue Sharing & Full Fee Transparency

We do not use fund fees to mask true plan costs, and there is no revenue sharing between the service providers.  That means you will never need to use a matrix, grid, disclosure questionnaire, or other “magic decoder” before you can determine what your real costs are. And you will never have to ask the “right question” in the “right way” before you can feel confident you are getting full disclosure. With our program, you will know what your true costs are, for every aspect of your program, all the time.

As a plan sponsor, you still have the flexibility to choose whether to have your plan’s fees paid by the company or by the plan participants. In either case, however, you will always be fully informed about what those fees are.

As part of our commitment to making sure our clients are well-informed about the fees for their plan, we periodically provide a report from an independent firm comparing your fees to a benchmark group of plans with similar assets, participants and plan features.

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