Benefit One: Professionally Managed Portfolios

We believe that participants don’t need more choice – they need more help.

We start by introducing your participants to our advisor managed portfolios. These are investment portfolios that we construct using the same investment vehicles and investment strategies we use for our pension fund and high-net-worth individual clients.

These portfolios give participants the ability to make a single choice and be done with the investment decision. Our team will then manage the portfolio for the participant, rebalancing the portfolio on a quarterly basis and making changes to the funds or allocations as events warrant.

The participant is thus able to delegate the investment management responsibility to a professional advisor.

Experience shows that more than 80% of participants will opt for the advisor managed portfolios. However, for those participants who want to construct their own portfolios, the individual funds used to construct the advisor managed portfolios are available as a separate option. Finally, full self-direction through the custodian’s brokerage window is also available should that feature be desired by the plan trustees.

Benefit Two