As a pension fund trustee in Illinois you have numerous responsibilities. You need to make sure that pension benefits are being paid, handle disability claims that may come before you, track your fund’s income and expenses, file your annual reports, hold your quarterly meetings, comply with new statutory requirements, approve payments, and keep minutes of your meetings. On top of all that you have to build a prudent portfolio of investments that is best suited to your pension fund’s unique circumstances. And if you are like most other trustees you already have a day job!

At AHC, as your pension fund’s investment consultant, we offer over a decade of experience with solutions to help pension funds better manage their investment portfolios. This will free you up to focus on the overall big picture of your pension fund. You can be assured that your duty as a fiduciary is reinforced by our advice.

AHC is not a broker, or affiliated with a bank or investment company. We are truly independent, which enables us to give you independent and objective financial guidance. We base our investment advice on a solid foundation of academic research on how markets work, and upon the knowledge that although we can’t predict the markets up’s and downs, we can help you structure your portfolio to harness the power of the markets over time.

We believe in a passive approach to building your pension fund’s investment portfolio. This doesn’t mean that we sit back and do nothing.  Instead, it means we avoid getting caught up in fast-paced, high frequency short-term trading, and chasing after the current hot investment of the day that will likely trail the market in the future. Our goal is to help your pension fund invest its money, not put it in the hands of traders. Academic research and studies by the brightest minds in finance, including Nobel Prize winners, have confirmed the wisdom of this approach to investing. Our approach to growing portfolios may seem a little boring, but our clients like it that way – So do we.

We pay special attention to managing risk, which, as we have seen in recent years, is always present. No one can avoid market downturns when they occur, but we will help you to position your portfolio to protect your pension fund during market turbulence, and help your fund earn long-term returns that are designed to match your target return, harnessing the power of the markets.

Utilizing a systematic approach grounded in the research into the science of the markets, we will help you select the best investments for your pension fund, building a portfolio that fits the needs of your fund. We then work with you to continually monitor the performance of your investments and notify you of problems as soon as they arise. We will act as a resource for you and your fellow trustees, offering our proven expertise to help you manage and oversee your pension fund.