AHC Advisors, Inc. was founded on a unique idea: that we should serve our clients, first and foremost, rather than push trendy investments that would compensate our firm handsomely, often outside the knowledge client. We believe that advisors who are compensated from the investment companies to which they direct their clients money have an inherent conflict of interest. We aim to help our clients leave the investing universe where they are “sold” investments, to a better way of “buying” the investments that are in their best interest.

We believe there is a better way, and for us it is the only way. Fee-Only, independent, objective investment advice that is always in our client’s best interest. We believe this aligns our interests with you the client, and lays the foundation for a long-term partnership, based upon honestly, objectivity, and trust.

We serve clients in Chicago, Illinois and suburbs including  Saint Charles, Geneva, and Batavia, Elgin and Naperville, as well as in Des Moines, Iowa.