Our disciplined approach begins from the moment we start our work with you. We begin by giving you a checklist of the material that will gives us a complete picture of your unique circumstances.

We understand that no two clients are alike. That’s why we will take the time to listen to you and explore your goals so we can develop a comprehensive financial plan that is uniquely designed to fit your needs. This all takes place before we deploy our wealth management services and invest even your first dollar. Your comprehensive financial plan that will act as a road map for our wealth management service.

Our goal is to put you on a path toward financial security.  Once we have built your plan we will work to deploy it using an investment approach that is supported by some of the best minds in finance. We don’t believe in market timing because academic research by the some of the best minds in finance shows it is a losers game. Instead our wealth management services follow a disciplined approach to the markets. Our time tested strategy avoids the high-frequency, high cost, high commission investment approach favored by Wall Street, which will separate investors from their hard earned money.

Our philosophy is very simple. Portfolios that are built using low-cost, broadly diversified investments are built to harness the power of the market over time. We don’t attempt to beat the market because we believe it can’t be done and instead will result in under performing investment returns.  This is the disciplined approach that we have followed for over 20 years, day in, and day out.